PHPBenelux is a non-profit usergroup for the Benelux. We organize meetings and conferences for PHP developers and companies using PHP. These events contain technical talks, workshops and best-practice sessions to share and improve the knowledge among developers. PHPBenelux also aims to promote PHP as a language to enterprises and software developers who are looking to incorporate an alternative technology.

Workshop: Running PHP web apps on Windows with IIS

Jun 29 , 2011

This one-day, hands-on workshop will teach you what you need to know to get your PHP web applications running smoothly on Windows Server and Internet Information Services (IIS). We foresee the following main components throughout the day, with enough opportunity to do labs during the training:

  • Introduction to Windows Server 2008 and IIS
  • Migrating web applications to run smoothly on Windows
  • Running Drupal on Windows
  • Running WordPress on Windows

At the end of this training you will have good knowledge of how to setup your Windows server to run PHP web applications including popular OSS web apps like Drupal and WordPress. »»»

PHPBenelux May 10, 2011 Meeting @ E-sites Breda (NL)

May 10 , 2011

We are glad to announce the PHPBenelux meeting for May 2011 in the Netherlands at the highly inspirational environment of our good friends at E-sites in Breda . The meeting will be held on Tuesday May 10 in Breda. During this meeting we have 2 great talks and of course some time to meet and greet fellow PHP developers. At the end of the meeting we will also raffle one free ticket for the upcoming Dutch PHP Conference in Amsterdam, so don't hesitate to sign up below! »»»

PHPBenelux meeting May 2011 - Leuven, Belgium

May 4 , 2011

dataflowIt has been crazy times for everyone who's doing PHP. When talking to people, I hear nothing but heavy work load and tough deadlines.

So for all you hard workers out there, we're happy to announce our next meeting on May 4, 2011. We had to postpone our planned meeting due to Microsoft TechDays which is taking place at the end of April and is drawing in a lot of PHP folks.

This meeting is all about Unit Testing, so if you want to improve your testing skills, be sure to join us!

Drinks on this meeting are proudly sponsored by Ausy/Dataflow Consultancy:
Ausy/DataFlow is a full-service ICT company with its head office in Leuven and offices in Brussels, Geel and Luxembourg. More than 500 consultants provide consultancy services to our customers, manage high-tech projects, and implement integrated solutions.

3 years of #php_bnl

Today it's three years ago that Ivo Jansch and Remi Woler started the #php_bnl IRC channel on Freenode. A joyous occasion, because this channel enabled the Benelux PHP community a digital way of asking questions and getting to know eachother. »»»


Apr 2 , 2011
Apr 3, 2011
Joomla! logo

On April 2 and 3, the annual Dutch Joomladays will happen again, this time in Doorn. This conference is the event to be in The Netherlands when it comes to using and developing using the Joomla! CMS. »»»

Help Japan, get PHP|Architect

PHPArchitect logo

The people over at PHP|Architect have a really nice deal. They realize the PHP community is a caring bunch of people, and want to support the people who support other people. So if you donate $25 or more to the Red Cross, they will offer you a free PHP|Architect subscription for a year! Already subscribed? No problem! You'll be able to use this to extend your existing subscription for a year! »»»

PHPBenelux March Meeting

Mar 29 , 2011

In March we will have another meeting in The Netherlands on Tuesday March 29, and Enrise has been very kind to sponsor this meeting in the center of The Netherlands. We are already making a selection of very interesting talks, and ofcourse you can meet up with known and new PHP developers and enthousiasts during the meeting. »»»

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