PHPBenelux is a non-profit usergroup for the Benelux. We organize meetings and conferences for PHP developers and companies using PHP. These events contain technical talks, workshops and best-practice sessions to share and improve the knowledge among developers. PHPBenelux also aims to promote PHP as a language to enterprises and software developers who are looking to incorporate an alternative technology.

Workshop Deployment of Zend Framework apps to Windows Azure

Nov 22 , 2011

There is no escaping any more! The cloud already has proven its advantages over bare metal setups and regular hosting solutions. One thing is for sure, it's not going to stop! And why choose a cloud service provider that wants you to continuously manage your platform while the only thing you want to focus on are your applications? »»»

PHPBenelux UG meeting November 8th, 2011 Meeting @ WEBclusive Amsterdam (NL)

Nov 8 , 2011

Although Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, PHPBenelux hasn't organized a usergroup meeting there yet! So... Time for change and this time WEBclusive will be supporting us!

Tuesday November 8th everybody is invited to visit WEBclusive there brand new office at the Rozengracht 133 in Amsterdam! They are sponsoring the venue, drinks and a speaker this evening. This promises to be a great and unusual PHP evening once again! »»»

PHPBenelux Conference 2012 Call for proposals

With the kickoff of the conference site at we are also opening the call for proposals (CFP), this is where you get to step up and take the stage. »»»

PHPBenelux UG meeting October 5th, 2011 Meeting @ Combell Gent (BE)

Oct 5 , 2011

CombellWe are happy to announce another PHPBenelux user group meeting for October 2011 in Belgium. For this meeting we’re returning to Gent, which is an annual tradition with a great attendance. »»»

PHPBenelux September 6th, 2011 Meeting @ IT-Ernity Zwolle (NL)

Sep 6 , 2011

We are glad to announce the PHPBenelux meeting for September 2011 in the Netherlands at the office of hosting company IT-Ernity in Zwolle. The meeting will be held on Tuesday September 6th in Zwolle. During this meeting we will have 2 great talks again from 2 new speakers, Richard Tuin and Marcel van Brakel, and of course some time to meet fellow PHP developers after a long summer (or should we say early autumn?). You just have to sign up to confirm your presence. »»»

Symfony2 launch party

Jul 28 , 2011

King Foo On Thursday, July 28 2011 Symfony2 will be officially released as stable. To celebrate this, King Foo will be organizing a launch party in Leuven. »»»

Workshop Quality Assurance for PHP projects

Jun 29 , 2011

Summer is approaching and everyone is thinking about holidays and relaxed moments to spend with friends and family.

Improving your QA on your PHP projects allows you to enjoy these moments because you know all is going well at work.

So, right before summer holidays kick in, Nick Belhomme (@NickBelhomme) and Michelangelo van Dam (@DragonBe) will give a 3 hour workshop on how to improve your quality assurance for php projects. »»»

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